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What we do

Vixen Communication is VFX Studio& Film Production established in 1998. We provide high-end technology based film production service to all our customers. Our main field of business is classified into VFX Studio and Creative Production.
VFX Studio specifically categorizes into ATL, BTL, and NewMedia based commercial film production and feature film that are video based VFX Supervision, artwork design, 3D animation, digital FX, graphic animation, high-end composite, and editing.

VIXEN VFX Studio provides the best quality with the tradition of more than 20 years as well as efficient output to our clients. The business services of VIXEN Creative Production include agreements with cooperative businesses where we are equipped with a co-production system with integrated functions and forms for planning, directing, and other conditions required for film production in addition to C.G production skills and we produce video films for all fields like commercial films, feature films, and NewMedia contents.

We provide service including film creative, film directing, production producing, provision of solution, art directing, digital film shooting, VFX shooting, overseas production service, VR, and NewMedia Solution where we offer the best quality one-stop service with optimal time and expense. The Creative Production that is in a co-production system with VFX Studio demonstrates the powerful advantage of VIXEN for VFX and artwork based film production.

Especially, the automobile industry stands out as the most difficult field of commercial film, but we achieved the production of over 500 automobile related commercial film production throughout the past 20 years and hold many leading-edge production knowhow and assets and we sustain collaboration with many clients.

company structure

  1. High-end Composite Division
    Digital Composite Division
  2. Artwork & Graphic Design
    3D Modeling Division
  3. 3D Animation Division
  4. Digital FX Division
  5. High-end Tracking &
    Match move Division
    VFX Coordinating Division
  6. VFX Producing Division
  7. H/W, S/W System
  1. Digital Production
  2. Creative Division
  3. Production Design Division
  4. Directors
  5. VR Solution, Hologram New Media
  6. Audio Producing & Recording
  7. Abroad Producing & Coordinating